Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!!!

The ‘Matters’ Family mission is to inform UK consumers on better products and services that will save them money year on year.

We are the one stop shop that from a simple telephone call the UK consumer could be saving £100’s each year or find with ease a product or service that they were looking for at the time.

After the last 2 Pandemic years its critical now that consumers always get the best deal and we are here to help them!!!

The ‘Matters’ Family

When it comes to what products or services a consumer can choose from and then pays for….it matters!!!

The ‘Matters’ brand aims to ensure that consumers get to know the most up to date services on the market through its trusted partner network.

The Family of brands are:

Money Matters brand covering products and services such as finance, mortgage, loans, credit status and banking, Financial Services such as Mortgage, Loans, Funeral Plans and Wills, solicitors, financial advisors or consultants.

Household Matters brand covering products and services such as home insurance, home improvements, shopping choices, pet products and insurances, government home improvement schemes. Telecoms and Broadband Companies offering mobile phone, landline, broadband and technology, Household Service Companies such as utility, gas, electric and solar, Insurance such as car, home, life, pet and warranty companies and electrical goods cover.

Consumer Matters brand covering products and services such as life insurance, private medical insurance, later life services, mobile and home telecoms. Professional Services such as charities, Automotive such as the car, bike and caravan industry, Health / Mobility such as cosmetics and mobility aids.

Important Matters covering products and services such as energy price increases, products or services that may have been effected by Brexit or the pandemic, interest rate increases by the banks, big brands offering big discounts, holiday offers, promotions from the car industry. Agencies and Brokers who buy and sell consumer data in the UK, Gaming, Mail order, Media and Travel industry.

How does a consumer know it’s us when we call them?

All our agents are highly trained and go through a 30-day training program, this includes voice and accent training, vulnerable consumer training, technology, GDPR and compliance.

Each call we make will start with…

Good morning / Good afternoon could I speak to Mr A Consumer?

Hi, my name is (the agents real name) and I am calling from Consumer Matters and the reason for my call is…….

Every call made we will ensure our brand is used, the name of our agent is clear and then the reason for the call, we feel transparency is critical when out bounding.

Contact the ‘Matters Family’

If you would like to be contacted by Money – Household – Consumer – Important – Matters please e-mail [email protected] and one of the team will call you back within 48 hours.

For further information regarding the data we collect, please refer to our privacy policy.

Our database is fully opted-in; however we are happy to suppress the details of any individual who does not wish to receive our calls. To do this, simply e-mail your name, address and telephone number to [email protected] or call 0203 951 8209 and leave the same. Our team will process your request within 72 hours.

Money – Household – Consumer – Important – Matters is a trading brand of Datablazers Inc. Data Blazers Inc. is a company registered in the Philippines. Registered office: Richville Corporate Tower Madrigal Business Park Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City Philippines.

Company Registration No.: CS201408819 | Vat No.: 8771630000 | ICO No. ZA183726 | ISO 9001:2015 : Certificate No.: 78522/A/0001/UK/En UK Representative Office: Data Rep Service London, United Kingdom 120 High Road, London. N2 9ED ICO Number: ZA844090


Each of our brands cover a different set of products and services or could be just making the consumer aware of a change in a certain marketplace.  When a consumer makes a purchasing choice there are three key parts that should be considered:


We also aim to explain in many cases that the lowest price is not always the best deal, and we feel from a person-to-person approach this can’t be beaten, allowing the consumer to ask as many questions as they wish before making that critical yes or no choice.

Contact Money, Household, Consumer or Important Matters